We envision the Triad region as having a pipeline of skilled and educated workers whose qualifications meet current and future employer needs, thus creating full employment and making a more competitive community.


Our mission is to provide leadership in building systems across local workforce and educational providers, planning and setting goals, measuring performance and leveraging funding resources in order to achieve our vision.


We have come together under a common umbrella to coordinate the region’s workforce development efforts, set joint priorities, and evaluate our progress as well as to leverage local financial resources to attract additional resources to support workforce development in the Triad. We will enhance communications among providers of workforce development training and education and support their collective work to meet the needs of local employers. By joining efforts, we aim to accelerate the pace of workforce development collaboration so that our region goes farther, faster in creating a pipeline of skilled workers to fill jobs of today and the future.

Business-led Stakeholders' CoalitionFunders' Collaborative
The Coalition consists of leadership from the following stakeholder groups: employers, workforce boards, educational institutions, service providers, chambers of commerce, and volunteers from across the Triad. The Coalition is strategic coordinating body for TWSC that facilitates the development of a more skilled and stable workforce for employers and career advancement for workers. The Coalition leads the effort to build connections among employers, workforce development providers, and organizations that provide wrap-around services to employees and employers. The Coalition leads setting of common goals, collecting/reviewing data, coordinating efforts, addressing gaps, advancing policy, aligning resources and making recommendations to the Funders’ Collaborative regarding the effectiveness of workforce development programs.
The Collaborative consists of local foundation funders, employers, government, and educational providers from across the Triad. The Collaborative is a fund-raising and fund-managing body for TWSC in which workforce development dollars are pooled at the Community Foundation (CFGG), to maximize return on the pooled funds and leverage the funds to bring additional financial resources for workforce development to the Triad. Pooled funds include a mix of grants from national and local government, public, and private funders as well as contributions from donors. Supporting funds (not pooled), include aligned public and private funding streams and in-kind contributions. The Collaborative makes grants for training and educating residents to fill local jobs as well as to support the Coalition administratively.

The Business-led Stakeholder’s Coalition is organized around committees, including:

  • Steering
  • Administrative/Operations
  • Sector committees with representatives that understand the specific industries, share similar markets, products, services, skill challenges, as well as retention and policy issues. These committees will lay out common needs, challenges and outcomes for their respective sectors. The sectors include Aviation, Advanced Manufacturing, and Logistics.
  • Communications/Outreach
  • Evaluations
  • Programs (Programs for the educational and connectivity benefit of the Coalition and Collaborative)
  • Advocacy

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